Matsumoku, 1982-4

Concord I

There are at least three versions of this bass.


  • single Hard Puncher I pickup
  • single vol and tone controls
  • 32.25″ scale
  • 21 frets
  • plastic nut
  • body: solid Alder
  • neck: hard Maple
    note: The neck on the Concord I is a single piece, not a laminate and thus more prone to warping.
  • fingerboard: hard Maple

Early 1982

We presume that this one dates from early 1982.  (One we know of with a 7-digit serial beginning with 205, indicates that it was made in May 1982)

  • The scratch plate is black and matches the body contours on the top and bottom
  • The front of the headstock is the same colour as the body
  • The serial number is on the neck plate, not on the headstock
Concord I bassConcord I bass


  • As shown in the 1982/3 catalogue
  • The white scratch plate curves in towards the neck, not towards the upper horn
  • Headstock colour is the same as the body colour

Concord I bass

1983 onwards

As shown in the 1983 catalogue.
  • the scratch plate curves in towards the neck
  • the headstock is natural finish regardless of the body finish
  • W ‘bird’ logo on the headstock (Both earlier versions had a script logo)

As far as we are aware this model was not produced after 1984.

Concord I basses

Concord II

There are at least three versions of this bass – all were made by Matsumoku


As shown in the 1982-3 catalogue.

  • Solid Alder body
  • Hard Maple one-piece neck (Walnut skunk stripe on the rear)
  • Hard Maple fretboard
  • 34″ scale
  • 20 frets
  • Single HF600B pickup
  • master volume and PEQ tone control
  • Heavy duty brass bridge (Same as on the Thunder II)
  • brass nut
  • White 3-ply scratchplate
  • script logo on headstock
  • Available in Purple Red and ‘Loyal’ Blue

1982 Concord 2 bass1982 Concord II bass back


  • Hard Puncher I pickup (Neck) and Super Boomer  I pickup (Bridge)
  • 34″ scale
  • 20 fret neck
  • bone nut
  • Body is Alder
  • Hard Maple neck and fretboard (Rosewood fretboard on the black models)
  • 3 ply pick guard
  • ‘Heavy Duty Brass’ bridge (Same as on the Thunder II)
  • 3-way pickup switch (Similar to a Strats 5 way switch)
  • single volume and 2 PEQ tone controls
  • W ‘Bird’ logo on headstock

Available in Purple Red (With white scratchplate) and black (With black scratchplate)

Concord II basses


As above but with gold hardware.


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