Genesis XA6520


Matsumoku to Jan 1987, 1987-88


First appears in the April 1987 US price list at $569 as the Genesis II bass (The catalogue calls it ‘Genesis bass’).
Priced at $525 in the sept 1987 pricelist, also appears at the same price in the Jan 1988 price list.

Same body shape as the Genesis I and II 6 strings, but the headstock is the same shape as on the Thunder series.


  • body: Canadian Ash
  • neck: Canadian hard rock Maple
  • fingerboard: Rosewood
  • graphite nut
  • 24 frets
  • scale length not mentioned in the Limited Editions catalogue
  • pickups: Magnabass III and IV Master volume
  • two tone controls
  • Magnacast bridge
  • transparent Walnut and Burgundy finishes: XA6520TWA and TBU
  • Poplar (Burgundy Pearl finish: XA6520BUP
Thanks to Kevin Ross for these pictures:

Thanks to Dean Tucker for these pictures:



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