Bendmaster FT Bridge Replacement

Many thanks to Forum member rick for researching and testing out this replacement…

I have Dimension IV I bought brand new in 1986. one of the string retainer claws finally broke.

After an extensive search for replacement parts I decided to search for an entire replacement system. The Floyds require the neck to be shimmed in order to obtain proper intonation. I located a FR licensed replacement on Guitar Fetish. It is black and made of high quality material. Not the pot metal so many are made of. It dropped right in.

I even left the original posts in. Perfect scale/intonation. It is also a fast load design so no cutting strings. You can use any strings you want!

I have been using it for a couple months and it performs GREAT.

This bridge is available from Guitar Fetish:









 Need Just a Claw Replacement? 

Read this Forum post for information on how to use a Kahler claw as a replacement: LINK

Many thanks to forum member m-m-m for researching this for us!


New! December 2014

Thanks to Forum member Chad for this additional trem replacement made by Gotoh

Gotoh trem for Dynasty & Dimension GE1996T

Gotoh GE1996T for Dynasty & Dimension

  • Gotoh’s web page. Product info with drawings:  LINK
  • Currently available from MojoTone in the USA: LINK
  • Read about Chad’s installation in his Dynasty:  LINK