Bendmaster & FT Tremolo Collar Insert Replacement

This is a replacement for the trem collar on the Bendmaster & the Bendmaster FT bridge (the bits that go “walkies”). Courtesy of Forum member Westbone, here’s a fix, without making  modifications to the trem block.


Get one of these…

trem collar 1collars

…and one of these:


Cut a 9mm x 1 thread on the long blank end, then file 2 ‘flats’ on flange to accept a 10mm spanner:


Remove nylon bush in block (you don’t have to but it makes things a little easier):


You’ll have to cut a little off the new threaded end as it will bind with the internal thread in the block:


Use 10mm spanner to tighten into block:


Purchase a new Floyd Rose type trem arm and whammy away:


You can insert the nylon bush back in if you want. No mods to the block whatsoever.