Single Coil Pickup Replacement for Concord

Forum member nicholaspaul had previously replaced the middle pickup in his Concord with a Samick brand but found it unsatisfactory.

He then offered us his recommendation for a GFS replacement:

“I just installed a GFS Alnico Boutique pickup in the middle position, replacing the Samick p/u.
Sounds fantastic!
It puts back the chime that the Samick obviously didn’t have and balances out the other two very nicely.
I know many people hate them, but I put in a phase switch too. I can now get some amazing piezo-type strumming tones out of it.

If anyone else is looking to replace their pickups, I can highly recommend GFS. Great prices, fantastic sound.”
We’ve had very good results with pickup replacements from GFS. The above refers to the middle pickup only, but GFS also has full sets should it be necessary to replace them all.
Here’s a LINK to those options.
Please note that the original impedance of all the Concord’s pickups was in the 4.5-5.5 range. If you want to restore your Concord to close to original specs we recommend you choose the “5.5 set”.