Matsumoku, years unknown


The shape is very similar to the early Concord I and the Paduak.
Two versions are listed in the April 1983 US pricelist, both available only in a natural finish, one with a trem at $219 and one without a trem at $195. This made the Leader the cheapest model available at the time.

This model does not appear in the 1982/3 or 1983 catalogues, and only appears in the April 1983 US price list, so it may only have been available in early/mid 1983.


  • Single humbucker
  • volume and tone controls
  • coil tap switch
  • standard tremolo or fixed bridge
Westone Leader
New Added October 2012 :

New! Sept 2014  Courtesy Forum member Gittarasaurus:

What at first appeared to be a 2 pickup model turned out to have been “customized” by a previous owner! The neck humbucker pickup at the time of theses pictures is a Schaller. The selector switch and a second coil cut mini toggle switch have been added, and the tremolo bridge replaced with a hard tail. As far as we know, a two pickup model was not produced by Matsumoku.

1982 leader full front1982 leader body front 1982 leader body back

1982 leader headstock back
1982 leader headstock1982 leader controls










New! Oct 2016 Courtesy of Forum member Gittarasaurus

Here’s another excellent example of the Leader, all original, with a single pickup.

click to enlarge


leader-headstock leader-headstock-rear leader-logo

leader-fret-board-edge leader-body-rear-string-thru

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