Pantera Deluxe X350MA


Matsumoku 1986-87


First appears in the August 1986 US pricelist, on sale until at least Jan 1988
According to the price lists both this model and the X390 were known as the Pantera Deluxe.

According to Tom Presley of SLM, only 48 Pantera X350MAs were made, and only a few of them were fitted with a Kahler trem.

The Pantera logo is inlaid on the fretboard between the 23rd and 24th frets.
Although the Pantera catalogue does not mention it, this model (according to a Feb 1987 review) has active pickups.

Correction Oct 2017:

The term “active pickups” used above is a bit misleading. The X350MA’s were actually were equipped with an active EQ (tone) control. The pickups themselves are passive.  In addition, not all the 350’s came with that feature.


  • body: carved Maple, top and back
  • neck: bayonet mounted, heelless
    -5 piece, Canadian Hard Rock Maple and Mahogany
  • 25.5 inch scale
  • 24 frets
  • fingerboard: African Ebony, Mexican abalone inlays
  • graphite nut
  • truss rod cover is inlaid Maple
  • pickups: 2 Magnaflux OFC (Oxygen free copper)
  • single volume and tone controls
  • 3-way pickup switch
New May 2013! Thanks to Forum member grogg for these pictures (click to enlarge):

Pantera full3Pantera body rearPantera body3
Pantera body Pantera body2
Pantera headstock rear Pantera headstock


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