Pantera Trevor Rabin Signature Models


St. Louis Music (SLM) Korean  1990
See also update notes below for additional manufacturing locations.


Similar in appearance to the Pantera series, these models appeared in the 1990 A Sign Of The Times catalogue
We’re not sure what this model is actually called. The catalogue refers to them as Rabin I, II and III,  and Trevor Rabin Pantera I, II and III, and Rabin Signature I, II and III


Rabin Signature I

  • body is carved arched solid Maple
  • maple through neck
  • Ebony 24 fret fingerboard
  • two Trevor Rabin signature pickups
  • master volume and two tone controls (both push/pull switches, presumably for coil tap and phase)
  • 3-way pickup switch
  • trem: either Kahler Pro with bearings or Floyd Rose licensed
  • black hardware, available with Black or White finishes

Rabin Signature II

As for the model I, except:

  • fingerboard: Rosewood
  • controls: master volume, two tone controls, 3-way pickup switch
  • no trem, through body stringing
  • gold hardware
  • black, red or white finish
New! November 2017: This beautiful example courtesy of Forum member gittarasaurus

Additional details on this TRSII from current owner

  • set neck
  • 3-way switch appears to be a replacement
  • the white nut is not original (?) the catalog shows a black nut
  • note the B and E slots are angled to compensate for severe angle to posts
  • “the neck is about the same as the X390 at the nut and up to near the 12th fret, where the TRS2 neck flattens out somewhat, whereas the X390 is lightly rounded all the way up the neck.–the TRS2 has a slightly flatter radius on the fretboard than the X390”
  • weight 6 lbs 4 oz or  2.8 Kg
  • controls 1V, 1T, 3-way switch, brochure says 1V, 2T (“specifications subject to change…etc”)
  • fixed bridge, no trem

Rabin Signature III

  • body: carved arched Maple, contoured heel
  • bolt on maple neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • 24 frets
  • H/S/S pickups
  • controls: master volume and tone
  • DSR5 harmonic enhancer
  • double locking Floyd Rose trem
  • chrome hardware
  • black white or red finish
Thanks to David Westhoff  for this picturerabin III
Update May 2011:

Forum member sarcaster corresponded with Tom Presley about his Rabin model and kindly released this Q&A summary:

Q- Were the Rabins built in the Mats factory or Korea?

A- The original Pantera guitars were built in Japan by Matsumoto Moku (Matsumoku). Later, after Matsumoku closed, production was moved to Fuji-Gen. The body was later changed slightly to reset the balance a bit but really very little difference between the Pantera 1 and Pantera 2.

Q- Was SLM still involved?

A- Yes, All of the Pantera and Rabin models were SLM designs and production.

Q- Do you know how many were produced?

A- Less than 100 Rabin models and about 200 Pantera Deluxe models. The Pantera Standard (bolt-on neck) models were produced in much higher quantities.

Q- The WER300 looked to be a contour heel, but a bolt on. I’ve seen a AER300 with the same neck join as the Pantera X390. Do you know if it the same bayonet joint?

A- The Rabin (Pantera 2) designs incorporated both a bolt-on (contoured) and a heel less cut using the bayonet design.

Q- The AER300 had a DSR5 Harmonic enhancer – what the heck does that do?

A- Notch filter in its passive design, and what is known as an aural exciter in the active. It was later evolved into more of a PA enhancement with a more aggressive slope and gain. Same concept, almost the same design parameter but with more input and output signal.

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