Prestige 250


Matsumoku, 1982 to 1984 (?)


Mahogany body capped with Tiger Flame Maple (Including headstock)


  • neck: 3-ply mahogany set (Heelless)
  • fingerboard: ebony
  • body, neck and headstock are all bound
  • twin humbuckers
  • independent volume, and Westone’s own, and as far as we know unique, PEQ tone controls:
    Wind it down from the center detent and it’s a normal tone control giving apparent bass boost by filtering out the treble
    Wind it up from center gives a sound like variable coil tap


There are two (Possibly 3) versions:

Version 1 (1982-3)

Early models have a script logo on the headstock.
Available in Sunrise Sunburst and Antique Cremona

Thanks to Martin (Wallman) for these photos
Prestige 250Prestige 250
Prestige 250Prestige 250Prestige 250
New April 2013! Thanks to forum member Grogg for the following 2 sets of pictures:

’82 Sunburst (click to enlarge)

82 Prestige Sunburst front 3 82 Prestige Sunburst head stock 2 82 Prestige Sunburst body 2

82 Prestige Sunburst front 182 Prestige Sunburst body1


’82 Cremona (click to enlarge)

82 Prestige Cremona Prestige 250 front 12 82 Prestige Cremona body rear 1 82 Prestige Cremona Prestige 250 body 2

82 Prestige Cremona Prestige 250 body 1 82 Prestige Cremona Prestige 250 headstock 3 82 Prestige Cremona Prestige 250 headstock rear



Version 2 (1983-4)

Produced from 1982  until 1983/4 (Appears in the 1982/3 and 1983 catalogues but not in the 1984 catalogue or August 1984 pricelist).

This model may have been reissued in 1986 (Until 1988) as the Prestige II.


  • W ‘Bird’ logo on the headstock
  • different lettering style on the truss rod cover
  • Available in Antique Brown Sunburst or Antique Cremona
Prestige 250 headstock
Prestige 250Prestige 250 front




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