Spectrum I Series


We wouldn’t say the example on the left has been modified… more like “ruined”:


Matsumoku to Jan 1987, 1986-88


Three different names for the same guitar!

First appeared in the August 1986 US pricelist as the Spectrum Special
Appears in the April and Sept 1987 US pricelists as the Spectrum I
Last appears in the Jan 1988 US pricelist, this time as the Spectrum Basic.
This model does not appear in the August 1988 UK pricelist. It may either have been discontinued or may not have been available in the UK.
It is also VERY similar to the Aria Pro II ‘The Cat’ that used Matsumoku parts and built in the Samick Korean factory.


  • Humbucker pickups of unknown type, but likely similar to other Spectrum models of the same age, the Magnaflux IV.
  • Volume and Tone Control, with a coil tap push/pull.
  • Oiled neck
  • Tek Glide II tremelo
  • Available in black or white.

Update February 2022

This guitar appeared on Reverb this month and looks like a lovely condition example. If you purchased it from this link then we would love to hear a sound sample, or see the insides, or whatever you can share with us!

The control knobs are certainly not ‘original Westone spec’ but other than that, it appears in good condition, and very similar to an Aria Pro II “The Cat”


We currently have no images of this guitar, in real life, so if you own this and wish to donate an image or two, please get in contact here! Thank you.


Probably Korean  1988


Only appears in the Jan 1988 US price list at $299


  • H/S/S Magnaflux pickups
  • oiled neck
  • Kahler trem
  • available in black or red



Korean: 1989-90


The WE1400 first appears in the 1989 ‘New Horizons’ catalogue, also appears in the 1990 catalogue.
Available in Black (WE1400BK) Red (WE1400RD) or White (WE1400WH) with Chrome hardware and black knobs

New prices (Oct 1989 US pricelist) were $350 for Black, Red, or White.
Two new finishes are listed – Crackle Red and Crackle Mist costing $375.


  • body: (wood unknown)
  • neck: satin Maple, beveled heel and top body scoop
  • fingerboard: Rosewood flat radius
  • 22 frets
  • angled tilt back reverse headstock
  • two single coil and one humbucker, covered ferrite pickups
  • master volume and tone controls
  • 5-way pickup switch
  • coil tap switch (the coil tap switch is not mentioned in the 1990 catalogue but the guitars pictured there do have it)
  • Bendmaster FT (Floyd Rose licensed) trem
1990 Spectrum I

DLX (WE1400CS / WE1400FLO)

Featured in the 1990 catalogue, this is the same as the Spectrum I but with black hardware and different finishes:

  • Cherry Sunburst (WE1400CS) or Fluorescent Orange (WE1400FLO)
update Jan 16’12:
Thanks to forum supporter Jezsica Kaine for these pictures of her WE1400CS (click to enlarge):

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