Matsumoto City

The real home of Westone…

Photo: Matsumoto HP Matsumoto official tourist information portal site

From 1960s to the present, Matsumoto City has been the location of major guitar manufacturers, including the long departed Matsumoku whose former location is now remembered and honoured in a small park (circled in green).

Some historical pictures of the Matsumoku factory courtesy of Matsumoku Forum member tad39

Aerial view of the plant. Note the adjacent rail line.
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Front entrance
C:\Users\Barry\Desktop\matsumoto & matsumoku\Matsumoku Factory3.jpg
Making Mats guitars
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More Information

For a detailed history of Matsumoto City, visit the Japanese web site: which talks in some depth about the guitar legacy of the remarkable city of Matsumoto. (Translation required)


The Matsumoku Monument and Nanbu Park

Contrary to widely circulated and persistent urban myths, the Matsumoku factory did not burn down! It was simply the victim of economic hard times, and was closed by its parent company, Singer, in 1987.

The following pictures come from our sister site * posted by their forum member tad39.

Tad is a Japanese gentleman in his 40’s and has lived all his life in Matsumoto City, practically next door to what was the site of the Matsumoku factory. He’s also somewhat of a local expert on Mats-era Aria Pro II’s and has written and contributed many historical articles in various publications.

Communicating via translation software, TAD39 shared both his personal guitar collection (Aria’s) and some stunningly beautiful pictures of his Matsomoto City in the Springtime.

In the process he documented the famous memorial/marker erected to commemorate the workers of Matsumoku. Here then, the old site of the Matsumoku factory which is now a beautiful park.

Entrance to Nanbu Park
Tad’s beautiful Aria Pro II PE Deluxe in Nanbu Park in the Fall
C:\Users\Barry\Desktop\matsumoto & matsumoku\Matsumoku park.jpg
The Matsumoku Memorial
C:\Users\Barry\Desktop\matsumoto & matsumoku\monument4.JPG

C:\Users\Barry\Desktop\matsumoto & matsumoku\MATSUMOKU.jpg

C:\Users\Barry\Desktop\matsumoto & matsumoku\monument 5.jpg

C:\Users\Barry\Desktop\matsumoto & matsumoku\monument inscription.jpg

The inscription (via Tad39) translates loosely as:


We made a guitar with this ground for 30 years.
It is a lockout in February, 1987.
We remember the then workplace for a long time

Another shot of the inscription with Tad’s Aria Pro II PE R80
C:\Users\Barry\Desktop\matsumoto & matsumoku\AriaPro2-PE-R80-(2).jpg
TAD39 (right) and friends
C:\Users\Barry\Desktop\matsumoto & matsumoku\monument.JPG
Those are Cherry blossoms, not snow!
C:\Users\Barry\Desktop\matsumoto & matsumoku\AriaPro2-PE-DELUXE-(1).jpg
One final shot with TAD39’s Aria Pro II U100 Urchin
C:\Users\Barry\Desktop\matsumoto & matsumoku\AriaPro2-U1000-(1).jpg

Read the full discussions with TAD39 including more pictures here:

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