Spectrum Basic


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Matsumoku to Jan 1987, Mid 1986 to early 1987


Similar shape to the 1985-6 Spectrum guitars, but without the beveled edge where your right elbow rests.
Single bridge mounted humbucker, volume control (No tone control) and Fender style tremolo.

Given that it has a UBC (unbalanced coil) pickup, which were designed to overcome the inherent 50% volume drop when an ordinary humbucker is coil-tapped, it’s puzzling why there’s no coil tap switch, unless they were trying to produce an entry-level instrument as cheaply as possible.


  • Tek Glide II trem
    -one Magnaflux pickup
    -oiled neck
    Info from the August 1986 US pricelist – this model does not appear in any of our other price lists.
    It’s name in the August 1986 price list is Spectrum Basic – this name was later used for the X120 (AKA Spectrum I and Spectrum Special)
  • The X125 appears in the 1987 German catalogue.
    -Maple body
    -Hard Maple oiled neck
    -Rosewood fingerboard
    -graphite nut
    -25.5 inch scale
    -22 frets
    Strat-type trem, chrome hardware, single volume control and a Magnaflux I UBC pickup, available only in black.
Update May 2012:
This beautiful white example courtesy of Forum member Gittarasaurus (Mike).

















Spectrum X125




The spring cover is missing on this black example, and the tremolo arm isn’t original.
X125 backX125 front


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