Spectrum LX (X198)


Matsumoku, 1985-86


First appears in the 1985 UK catalogue, available in Candy Red, Metallic Black, Pearl Burst or Candy Blue.

Listed at $425 in the Jan and April 1985 US pricelists, rising to $450 in Sept 1985 and $575 in the August 1986 price list.
That list also featured a new finish, black with red graphics, the Japanese flag, pictured in the 1986 Spectrum catalogue at $599.

New Page! Dec 2015  Spectrum LX -X198SWG (“Rising Sun” Model)

The LX does not appear in the April 1987 price list.

The only difference between the Spectrum FX and the LX is the neck:

LX = bolt-on neck
FX = set neck


  • body: solid Maple
  • neck: hard Maple
  • fingerboard: Rosewood
  • graphite nut
  • 25.5 inch scale
  • 22 frets
  • pickups: two Magnaflux II UBC (Neck and bridge) and one Magnaflux IV (Mid)
  • controls:  master volume (Push/pull for coil tap), two tone controls (Push/pull for mid pickup on/off and bridge pickup phase reverse)
  • Bendmaster FT trem
  • FT string lock

Spectrum LX
Spectrum LX back

Dave Brock of Hawkwind and his Spectrum LX

Dave Brocks (Hawkwind) Spectrum LX

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