Spectrum LX —X198SWG “Rising Sun”


Matsumoku icon japan flag 1985 only?


New! Dec 2015

The “Rising Sun” was a limited run model version of the LX and appears to have been made only in 1985. It was featured only once that we know of, in the 1986 Spectrum catalogue at $599. The full LX line does not even appear in the April 1987 price list.

The graphic has a controversial history and is associated by many with Japanese Imperialism. Domestic instrument production was also in a slump at the time of Westone’s entry into North America, and Japanese quality and innovation stood in stark contrast to the less than consistent traditional guitar manufacturers’ offerings. Flying the flag may have been seen as simply “rubbing it in”.

These reasons may have led to an early deletion of this model from the line. All speculation of course, but there’s no denying that the rising sun was met with enough negative response that it was barely promoted, then quickly dropped from the LX lineup.


In all respects this is simply an LX model with a custom graphic application. See, Spectrum LX  for complete info.

Additional note: The owner reports that the graphic appears to have been hand painted rather than applied with a decal as would be the case today. Another indication of the “hand made” quality of this builder.

A big thank you to Forum member, DimensionIV-addict  (CLICK to Enlarge)

Westone LX -X198SWG FrontWestone LX -X198SWG RearWestone LX -X198SWG Neck Joint

Westone LX -X198SWG Body 2 Westone LX -X198SWG Body 1

Westone LX -X198SWG Headstock RearWestone LX -X198SWG Headstock Front